What Is Tranquil Mind?

Tranquil Mind is a place to help you cultivate mindfulness and compassion. It’s often far too easy to get swept away by day to day life. This is a place to assist you in falling behind the busyness and drama of life. Tranquil Mind is about gracefully navigating life. It is about finding peace and happiness within, no matter what’s going on around us. It is about keeping perspective throughout our day to day life, and keeping what really matters close to our hearts at all times.

I wish to assist you in finding inner peace, happiness, and ease through sharing actionable advice, as well as my own personal insights on living life mindfully. I made Tranquil Mind because I want to make my living through helping people find peace of mind. I wish to make a place which helps people appreciate life as fully as they can. I want this place to be a stepping stone for people to use to find and live a life that brings them joy, and find and cultivate a mindset of happiness, love, and peace.

About the Author

My name is Chris Duff. I get caught up in my head too much, and tend to worry more than I should. This, as well as my interest in Buddhism got me into mindfulness. Mindfulness and meditation has helped me find inner peace and happiness and I’ve now gained a large interest and passion for these.

I’m an entrepreneur and free spirit. I’m currently striving to make a living doing what I love, as well as a living which allows me the freedom to decide when and where I work. I wish to eventually make a living that allows me to travel whenever I want, and explore the world and all it has to offer.