buddhist teachings
The Core Buddhist Teachings and What You Can Learn From Them
I see myself as a secular Buddhist. That is, I use Buddhist teachings as my path to a greater mind
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Trust Falling Into Life
You have to be able to trust life and yourself to let yourself be completely immersed in the present moment.
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How To Become Happier and More Satisfied With Your Life
You have the power to increase your overall well being. You just have put in the effort.
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Allowing Yourself to Peacefully Feel Negative Emotions.
We often try avoiding or pushing the negative emotions aside. Maybe we can embrace them instead.
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Buddhism: Rolling With the Hand You’ve Been Dealt
Learning to accept the present moment unconditionally can bring greater life satisfaction and inner happiness.
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benefits of meditation
The Benefits of Meditation: What Meditating Can Do For You
There are many benefits of meditation from having greater control of your attention to an increased sense of calm.
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How to do Mindfulness Meditation: An In Depth Guide
An in depth look at how to do mindfulness meditation, a way to cultivate inner peace.
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How to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Life
Mindfulness can ease anxiety, help you find a stronger sense of calm, and allow you to find greater ease.
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what is mindfulness?
What is Mindfulness?
The word mindfulness is being toted around a lot nowadays, but what is mindfulness?? What's all the buzz about?
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